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Siem Reap/Sihanokville

22nd May

sunny 35 °C

So headed to Sihanokville after going back to Siem Reap for a couple of nights to meet up with Inja again. Stayed at 21 Guest House in an air-con room for 12 dollars a night. Didn't see much of the beach as we were often out until 3,4 o'clock and then a couple more hours at the room! Lots of English there, as we seem to be the dominating populace in most destinations.

J slept a lot in Sihanokville, think Chiva was giving him too much homework as she put it!! Really like Inja, but she's crazy after a drink and just never wants to call it a day and go home. Argued with her most nights and some of them she ended up crying, but she's a lovely girl, plus she's really hot and likes me a lot too.

Did a tour which consisted of a terrible boat/boat journey that nearly made me sick. Getting spiked by a sea creature whilst swimming (several people got injured, why did they drop s there???) and getting a bit sunburned, although not as bad as J. We did stop and have a laugh at a quite picturesque little island though.

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16th May

sunny 36 °C

Left the Hotel at 8.25am despite being told to be ready for pick-up at 7.30am to head to Battambong. Feel horrendous again as I got abot 1 1/2 hours sleep. Thought it sweet when J told me I had told his girl to not let him have much sleep and she would do the same, so we slept in and missed out bus! Managed to wake up with a little help from a 7.10 call from J.

Battambong first impressions - seems to be a nice, quiet place. Ideal for a chill-out period. One of the Tuk-Tuk drivers in Siem Reap had told Battambong is his home town and the people are very friendly here, much more so than SR. I found the locals friendly in SR so that sounds positive.

Not many restaurants, bars or massage parlours around here, all the things we hve become very accustomed to seeing a lot of! Seems to be only brothels available to drink in at night. Chiva has arrved to see J again. Found a decent pub/bar to drink in called ?. Was having a quiet one in there, when a very drunk Cambodian lady turned up and asked either me or J play her at pool. J went first and won easily - I played her afterward and also won easily. She bought J a drink to be fair. She then sat with us and told us about her life. She told us she was staying in a hotel, I asked if it was nice and then upon leaving, she asked if I wanted to go back to her hotel room. She was attractive, but so wasted and anyway I wouldn't have because I'm seeing I again in a few days.

Had a fun ride on the bamboo train, which was a sheet of bamboo on wheels, with a small motor to power it! We had to get off several times as the 'trains' coming the other way always had a bigger load (ours was just me and J). A dark but interesting trip to the 'killing caves' followed, where we learned a little more about the brutal Khmer Rouge regime.

The next trip the day after was also fun. Saw a crocodile farm and poked them with a large stick. The driver offered us to get in the pit, we politely declined his offer. Then a boat ride on a nice lake, with a lovely supper afterwards of beef, deer, chicken and wild pig in soup.

Today was another good day here in Battambong. We didn't get up early (J was with C in another room anyway) but we didn't have to, because we didn't have plans until 3.30pm, when we were due to help teach some children at a local orphanage. It was a great experience! Me and J were split to two different classes at first. I had some young children, 8-12 years old roughly, who spoke very little English. It was quite a challenge and we didn't get much further than reciting the alphabet, but interesting nonetheless. The second class was more fun because they were a little older (13-17) and most could speak decent English, so we could have a bit of banter. It was also the last one of the day so me and J took it together, with the help of one of the volunteer teachers obviously! Was hard to think of a question to ask them at the end when put on the spot to think of something. Finished up with us all singing 'London Bridge' 3 times with C leading the way at the front and ending the song each time with a piroutte! Great fun.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia.

May 9th

sunny 37 °C

Headed to Siem Reap, Cambodia on the 9th as my visa for Thailand expired and we needed a change anyway, the partying in Pattaya was taking its toll.

Crossing over the border was much as Joy from Pattaya had described, you can see the wealth difference straight away. There are weird tractor like vehicles, bikes everywhere instead of cars and the ''petrol station'' we filled up at was a guy with a gas cannister in a front yard!

Quiet night yesterday as we were up at 5am today to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. There were quite a lot of people there and you can see why, it was pretty spectacular. Also saw Bayon & ? temples. Lost my pass after that so I wanderd around while J visited a few more including Angkor Thom from Tomb Raider. As interesting as it was, I don't know how some people get 3 days or even a week long pass to visit the temples, a good morning session was plenty for me.

One downside of here is the pollution & it's understandable why so many of the locals wear the face masks. The road leading to our hotel (tropical breeze, 10 dollars pernight for a triple air-con room) is especially dirty/dusty/smoky. The friendliness of the locals compensates somewhat for this, though.

Wasn't expecting to party quite as hard as in Pattaya, and we probably didn't but again drank too much and stayed out too late! As J said ''we're party guys''. Didn't take long for us to find the main 'pick-up'' place in the main drinking area, bar street.

Had a little chat with a very hot girl called I in a restaurant we visited where all the girls were gorgeous, with her the most so. She said she usually goes to temple bar after work most nights and sits and drinks alone, so I said me and J would see her in there. J met up with his lady 'C' from the night before, so upon seeing her sitting alone (the drink belonging to her friend was quickly finished by him as he had to work or leave for something) I joined her for a chat. Got on really well and she came with me, J and C as we headed elsewhere for a few more drinks. Ended up spending the remainder of my nights there with her, and most days too (mainly in bed!) Her favourite haunt to visit after Temple bar seems to be X bar. She seems to really want to hook up long-term with a Western man, probably why she goes Temple/X bar a lot, there aren't shortages of them in either place.

Didn't do much more of the culture thing unfortunately after seeing the temples, although I think everything to do is pretty much centered aroung them. Weather is still hot and the only sign of rain was on the penultimate day for a few hours in the morning so I didn't see it anyway, as most days we were rising at 4 or 5pm.

I Really enjoyed I's company as she is beautiful, clever and feisty and I definately want to see her again soon. Me and J had some good fun with her and C, who is a real little livewire! What a result for me that she much prefers Western guys to Cambodian men!

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7th May

sunny 36 °C

Still have only seen the beach 1 time! Back to drinking loads and keeping crazy hours ala Patong. Mind and Marissa were well drunk last night and seemed to have an argument - over nothing as usual when drink is involved. Mind is far too concerned over what Marissa thinks of her, but that's up to her. Marissa was acting a little crazy last night, shouting a lot and accusing me of taking off Mind's top, when actually she did it herself!!!

It's still roasting hot, which is nice. I'm not particularly looking forward to torrential rain which is expected soon. Need to sort out where we're headed next, as my visa expires on the 9th.

Have arranged to get the bus over the Thailand/Cambodia order crossing to Siem Reap. Last night in Pattaya wasn't supposed to be too heavy as the bus leaves at 7am, but Mind & Marissa wanted to get some sangsom to take back to the room after we had been out for a it. So we went round J and Marissa's room and polished off a couple of small bottles of that. Mind then went back out and bought a large bottle of beer. She was very upset bless her, and when the person at the 7/11 asked why she had red eyes she replied that she needed to sleep. It was quite sad to see her so upset, I'm sure she won't be for too long. Had about 1 hour sleep and consequently felt absolutely shocking on the journey to Siem Reap.

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May 1st

sunny 34 °C

Got to Pattaya at 7.30pm, after leaving Hua Hin at about 12 noon. Found a nice Guest House called JJ's for 500 Baht a night - with Air-con. Much nicer than my 300 Baht Hua Hin pig-sty.

Had some food and went for a wander. Found ourselves on a street with mainly ladyboy gogo bars, but enquired with a lady working at the non-ladyboy bar we were drinking in as to where the main area was - walking street. So we headed there after only a couple of drinks - boy are there a lot of gogo bars. We visited a few and J says he feels at home again!

Had a quite one the day after, as spent a LOT of money the first night here. Didn't really do much all day. Visited the beach on the 3rd, only to see I'd forgotten my beach towel again. I paid for a deckchair and J joined me. Was pestered relentlessly by touts selling everything from penknives to deep fried seafood to paintings. Beach isn't up to other places in Thailand's standards, though we'd heard to expect that anyway.

Another heavy one on the 3rd - visited quite a few more gogo bars and J got up on stage with two lovely ladies stripping him off and 'playing' with him. He seemed to enjoy it very much! Saw a ping-pong show later - it felt quite seedy actually and it was a little disappointing. The woman was quite old and rough looking. Me and J noticed at some point during the evening that we were easily the youngest guys in whichever gogo bar it was we were in. Spoke to a dancing girl in one bar and she reminded me very much of On with her mannerisms and cheeky personality.

Think Mind and Marissa are coming to Pattaya tonight, though nothing is ever certain with them girls. Looks like I may have made a mistake with On too. She seemed angry & upset when I told her what Joy had said (although I didn't say it was her who said it). Had a nice chat with her at least, actually made me feel bad for believing other women over her, she seems to genuinely want to see me.

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