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Hua Hin

25th April

sunny 36 °C

Got to Hua Hin after another torturous bus journey (8 hours this time) On the plus side, got speaking to a lovely Thai girl called Mam on the bus about herself and myself. She told me she was studying 'US studeis'. I think she wanted to practice her English - must remember to send her a message.

Upon locating the Sukwilai hotel once more, N the girl J saw last year accosted me outside the front door asking me where he was. I tried to explain that I didn't know yet myself as I had just arrived! Thankfully, he saw us from Lucky Luke's and came over while I dropped my stuff off in the room. Feels good to be back in Hua Hin, always had a soft spot for here since I first came. Stayed in Sukwilai for only the one night, as J didn't want to keep bumping into N, despite getting pretty cosy with her in her new bar on the first night!

Couldn't see O or any of the girls from last year, so I asked N and she couldn't tell me where any of them were either, so I messaged O who replied that she is back at her home in Isaan. Had a nice chat with her, though, and she seemd genuinely pleased to speak with me, sespite saying she probably won't come back to HH in time for me to see her. Shame. Also went back to Geronimo's and had some fun with the girls in there (especially J!)

Got speaking to a couple of guys on the beach. One of them, Gary, is with one of the ladies from Lazy Daze and her ladyboy friends. Seems like a good guy and came up with some amusing stuff, especially his surprise free shag after the lady in question repeatedly told him 'No, I love pumpui, I love pumpui'! Got a good massage on the beach from one of the aforementioned ladyboys. Me and J popped in for a drink later and I unfortunately courted a little too much attention from one of the rather large one who massaged me on the beach! Bought he/she a drink as a thank-you for the beach massage, perhaps this is where I went wrong. Another one was shockingly attractive!

Went out another night and got speaking to a guy from Burton-on-Trent called Pav. He is crackers and was doing a tour of each bar trying to speak and flirt with every Thai (or western for that matter) girl in there. Ended up leaving because a girl he'd hooked up with before was waiting outside the door of his Guest House (21 Guest House, the same as me. Not the nicest or most spacious place, but cheap at 300 Baht a night). I left alone as J left with a lady again.

M called at 4.30 am and sounded particularly upset after being left alone by her friends when she used the toilet, whilst they paid their own barfines and went to Hollywood disco - poor thing. Hope she's happier today, I'm sure she will be with some sleep & sobriety, even though she said she wasn't drunk by the end of last night.

Went karoke last night, me and J butchered a variety of songs including teeny, weeny polka-dot bikini, Livin' la vida, my Sharona, play that funky music and doo doo doo (him). Saw Joy from 2 years ago. Nice to see her again, what a lovely girl. Gave me some useful info about On, too. Ran into Gary, who's getting 'bled dry' by the girl he's with (and her friends). May see him again in Pattaya - great guy, really nice guy but will probably never learn!

Got speaking to a couple of good guys called Barry (New Zealand) and Johan (Sweden) and we played the at pool and darts. Johan asked us to visit his house if we return to Hua Hin, James has his number. Played a Chinese guy at table-tennis who looked pretty useful in Barry's bar after he'd whipped his mate. I managed to scrape a 21-18 win after a dire start!!!

Had a great time in Hua Hin as always. Would have been nice to see some of the old faces, but I think they were all visiting home - maybe I will go back there later on.

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sunny 35 °C

Headed to Ranong via bus after leaving Patong at 4.20 pm. Was told by the very friendly lady often at pl guesthouse that it's a 2/3 hour journey.... It lasted 5 and a half hours. Oh well, got another 15 days in Thailand at least after going to Burma again from here. It's very hot & humid today.

Stayed at Kiwi Guest House - as it was recommended in my travel book and was conveniently located literally just over the road from where the bus dropped me off. It was 250 Baht a night for a basic room with a fan & a shared bathroom. Had a rather nice banana pancake for breakfast before the second visa run.

Unfortunately didn't get to see any of Ranong, as I was off to Hua Hin to meet J a couple of hours after returning from Burma.

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Patong beach

sunny 34 °C

So we came back to Patong, as J was flying from Phuket airport to Singapore to meet a friend there. Same as before, I've spent way too much money and am in need of some chillout time - especially after getting to bed at 10.30 am the morning of 23rd!! Still, it was fun like before, but a bit too crazy to be able to sustain for more than a few days.

Karaoke was on the menu again - but last night was a relatively quiet one - only had the 5 and got to bed at 3 am. Thrashed M at pool, which was satisfying after getting a constant ribbing for my uselessness at the hammer game & connect 4! Went to tiger discotheque after pool - and then onto rock city where the band was, as always doing some really good covers of metal stuff.

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Railay beach

East side

sunny 33 °C

Headed to Railay beach for a bit of a chill-out after a hard week of drinking in Patong. Neither of us felt like a big one first night here, so it was an early night and not one alcoholic drink for me.

Did some rock climbing here, as we'd been told this is the place to do it. We went for the 1/2 day course. J was very good and impressed the instructors - me not so much, but I didn't try it to do that - just wanted to try it and did!!

Found a cool reggae bar where one of the guys did a fire show - he was pretty good, especially seeing as he looked a little mangled. We were close enough to hear the swooshing of the fire stick this time which was cool.

The fan room we are staying in is so hot, it just seems to swirl hot air around! My feet and one elbow got badly bitten by mossies, too. Reminder to spray lots in these places in the future.

Met some more people (2 Swedish, 1 Aussie) who though we were Swedish - what is it?!

Think we've topped up the tan a bit again, after losing some of it conducting out previous antics in Patong.

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Patong beach

sunny 34 °C

Songkran is brilliant, but a bit of a relief that it's over - especially when out drinking in the evening and getting soaked, you end up shivering! Such good fun firing guns and throwing buckets of water over the bar girls and other tourists. spent most evenings in the magic bar at the start of soi ? just off of Bang-la road. There were a couple of particularly mental girls from the bar next door. One especially wearing a pork pie hat, she is crazy! Bang-la road itself is just a minefield of people, Thai and tourists, with all variety of water guns, buckets etc all waiting to drench the next passer by.

Stayed out until 7.15 am on morning of the 14th dancing, getting drenched and having powder rubbed over my face by the Thais and part-owner of the magic bar and his Russian friend who were outside the karaoke bar. Another similarly late one the next night, again starting in the magic bar and on to a karaoke bar afterwards, where I did a bad cover of a hip-hop version of Zombie.

Got snubbed the night after by Mind which was a bit shitty. FFS the dude was a right geek as well. The other thing that made me feel better was support from rest of the staff and a couple of people who drink there, including the Aussie guy who knew her better than most!

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