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Patong beach

sunny 38 °C

Phuket is VERY touristy! There are a lot of ex-pats here and and it's bloody hot. They know how to party here, too.

Good to have a proper drink for P's last night with us on the 7th - then even after suffering all day with a dodgy stomach and frequent toilet visits - another heavy one last night. Visited a rather nice ? too.

Another heavy one on 8th. Was dancing on bar with the girls and me and J tried some of their deep fried bugs! They weren't actually too bad, better than the chicken's foot anyway. Last night I had the discipline to call it a night at about 2 am. Just been to see if J is up and he looks decidedly rough. Said he was out until 5 am, so it's a good job I did go back by the sounds of it, as my budget in considerably less than his. Had a nice Thai oil massage lasting 1 hour.

Worst day so far (10th). Had an elephant ride, which was fine. Then in the evening, two girls from Bar one ripped me and J off big time. We were playing pool and they came over and suggested doubles, which we happily obliged. They made it a game for a drink, which we won. We then proceeded to lose the next 3 games as a result of some serious showboating and rule confusion. Upon leaving, we were presented with a bill for a little over 1,100 baht, having bought 1 singha each!!!!! We had clearly not agreed to play 4 games and buy 2 lady drinks for each game lost. Unfortunately, I let this colour the whole evening and was in a real stink all night. Then managed to have a misunderstanding with 1 of the girls who we went to a karoake bar with later on, so I left. Hopefully today will be better.

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April 6th

Koh Phi Phi

sunny 33 °C

Wen't on a day trip today, visiting some of the local beaches on the smaller Islands and went canoeing with a guide through some very low rocks and plantation.

Had a few at night watching the fire shows at Carlito's again. Very impressive. Liked Koh Phi Phi overall, but there were a few too many English people and not anywhere near enough Thai culture/influence for it to be totally satisfying. Although there are plenty of nice looking Western women on the Island to compensate a little! Lots of bicycles for such a small Island(s), too.

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April 5th

Koh Phi Phi

sunny 32 °C

Quite day as J was rough (and me a little, too). Layed around on the beach and took a taxi boat to Long beach for 100 baht each. It's a nicer beach and the sea hasn't got as much fish crap in it.

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April 4th

Koh Phi Phi

sunny 27 °C

Just layed around on the beach today. It would be very beautiful, but there's the usual fag ends and litter that always accompany masses of Brits abroad. The sea is very clear, but also full of what appears to be fish turd. You can walk right out and it's still only chest hight.

Got quite drunk at night, as it was J's birthday today. We took part in some of the beach games that go on every night, jumping through the fire hoops and limbo-dancing under the bar of fire. I managed to jump/roly-poly through the fire hoop, but then stumbled after getting up and ended up in the sea!

He ordered Lobster from the tank at the seafood restaurant, the price is calculated after they take it out and weigh it. It came to 1,440 baht! Didn't look like a traditional lobster either, had loads of tentacles and spikes - not the sort of thing you'd want to bump into in the sea. He was also a bit sick at the end of the night.

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April 3rd

Krabi - Koh Phi Phi

all seasons in one day 32 °C

Arrived in Koh Phi Phi. After reading a newsletter about the Island on the ferry over, it sounds a good job we came in April as there were apparently 70,000 visitors during Jan/Feb!!

It's really busy and full of Brits, a bit like a South-East Asian Magaluf, with Brit breakfast bars and Western music everywhere, you can almost forget you're in Thailand. Watched the football at night, always good to see Man Utd lose and Chelsea & Arsenal win.

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