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April 2nd


semi-overcast 31 °C

Didn't do much today, as me and J were again late rising (about 12.30). Had some dinner, then we set about enquiring into visa extensions and such at the immigration office, places to stay for our next destination (Ko Phi Phi) etc. Just heading out now to meet up with P, J and Dan & Brett who have (of course) arrived in Krabi.

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April 1st


sunny 29 °C

Started April in good fashion. Rose quite early (well 7.30 am) as we'd booked ourselves onto an all day tour. Started poorly, with a two hour minibus journey, before catching a Longtail boat to James Bond island. Very touristy there. Then onto the floating village for dinner and a look around. Bought a (genuinely) fake sharks tooth, to help me look a bit more like a traveller!

Afterwards, they took us to another waterfall (again, very nice) for a dip to cool off. Found a few ledges of a decent height to bomb off of!!

In the evening, had the misfortune of meeting the craziest bloke in all of Thailand - and what a surprise, he was British. I'm not going to repeat some of the things he said online, but lets just say he's probably been on the road too long and indulged in a few too many local drugs. Oh well, it kept us amused for the rest of the evening. Also visited a bar attempting to be a classy Karoake joint, with pretty young Thai women singing Thai numbers. We were (almost) the only westerners in there and it was shite (not because of that, it just was).

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March 31st

Langkawi - Satun/Krabi, Thailand

rain 25 °C

Bit of a crap day today, as we spent most of it travelling (about 10 hours) via taxi, ferry then bus. I had to stand for about 45 mins on the second bus transfer from Trang to Krabi after the first bus from Satun to Trang. Oh well, all part of the experience! Staying at P. Guest house in Krabi. It's pretty nice and 800 Baht between 3 isn't bad at all. It rained for most of the day too, so it was a bit of a blessing in disguise that we were travelling for most of it.

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March 30th


sunny 30 °C

Shamefully late rising today, as we got through a few the night before in Sunba. Don't think P was too impressed as he was up first. When we did get up, though, we had one of the best days yet. Went to a temple and looked at some big statues, then off to seven wells/the waterfall. Well, it's the most fun we've had so far and that was a unanimous agreement. Sliding over and down the slippery rocks/waterfalls really bought out the kids in us - and a group of (Malaysian?) guys who were there, too. I was the first to go down face first. In fact only me and J did the biggest run face first! P did the smaller one, to be fair to him!

Quite night as an early ferry to Satun, Thailand tomorrow. Ran into Brett & Dan again in the reggae beach bar, plus Matt and about 6 young ladies (they seem to be accumulating attractive young women by the day!). Spoke to one of the English girls from Sunba last night briefly (Laura?). We left soon after.

Definitely my favourite place so far, and I don't think the other guys would argue with that. Langkawi is recommended by me for a visit if you're in Malaysia!

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March 29th


all seasons in one day 33 °C

Did some more sunbathing today. Also, gave parasailing a go as I'd seen others do it and J said it's good fun. It is! Wasn't the least bit scary, either. I had to come down a bit early, though, as it started spitting and the guys running it brought me down as they thought a storm was coming. It was.

Went to the Bolton bar in the evening and lost some more games of pool to J, although the table was diabolical. Then visited Sunba as we'd heard good things about it. There was a duo of guys who performed a series of covers of western songs (the usual Greenday numbers etc) pretty well. Ran into Brett & Dan again! Got chatting to a couple of attractive girls from England, they thought we were Swedish at first! We all agreed that Leicester is a shithole, as they went Uni there.

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