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March 28th


sunny 34 °C

Didn't really get up to much today. Lazed around on the (surprisingly quiet) beach and in the sea and am starting to at least look a bit tanned!

Ran into Dan and Brett again in the evening drinking outside the beach Reggae bar. Well, we were, they were still suffering from the night before (and the previous four nights to that apparently).

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March 27th

Penang - Langkawi

sunny 33 °C

Had to rise for 6.45 as the bus transfer to the ferry was coming at 7.20. Was slightly apprehensive about the ferry trip, as the last time I was on one (albeit a 'fast' boat or Catamaran) I was violently sick for several hours without respite.

Thankfully, the sea was very calm and it was a gentle ride over. Upon reaching our destination and after a 25 minute taxi ride, the first people we bump into are Brett & Dan, guys whom we met in Cameron Highlands! They were with a guy called Matt, and as they told us where they had been so far, it was no surprise we kept bumping into them - it was very simlar to ours.

They suggested a few of the better (and cheaper) places to stay. It was a good job we did bump into them as we would probably never have found the Sweet Inn - where I type this from now. It's clean & has air con so is pretty good value at 100 ringgits between 3 of us. Have booked in for 3 nights.

Had a few tonight and felt a bit drunk for the first time so far on our travels. J was buzzing as he'd received a substantial tax rebate so we drank to that (like an excuse is needed).

Roasting hot again so got a little sunbathing in. Got speaking to an English guy who said that everywhere is a little quiet at the moment as it's even too hot for some of the locals to turn out!

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March 26th

Penang, Georgetown

sunny 31 °C

Didn't get up to much today. Made a new friend in the shape of a slightly crazy, old Malaysian lady who kept grunting at us and pointing at things whilst we were eating in a small restaurant. The staff in their all seemed to know her, so perhaps it's a family business or something, bless her. Got a good photo with her anyway!

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March 25th

Penang, Georgetown

sunny 35 °C

WOW was it hot today! Went walking around looking at some of the old colonial buildings and Fort Cornwallis. Couldn't walk 2 steps without sweating a bucketload! Quite interesting to see how Penang had developed since Francis Light 'discovered' it in the late 18th century. Although of course he didn't discover it, being as the people of Penang were already here.

P's 28th birthday today, we agreed we should have a few tonight. Went to a bar (name ???) where there were a series of excrutiatingly bad Karaoke renditions by Chinese men. Several pretty young waitresses in there, one of which I suggested to that she should sing something to get the terrible men off the mic - but then J said I was a good singer and so she wanted me to sing a Westlife number, Mandy! Not going to happen for obvious reasons - the song is shit.

Then went back to where we had food for a few more drinks. P went home but we tried going back to the bar of awful Karaoke - but they were charging 50 ringgits to get in so we ended up in slippery senoritas instead. Much better in here, with a band doing some really quite good covers of lady Gaga, Evanescence and Black eyed peas.

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March 24th

Perhentian - Penang

sunny 32 °C

Another eventful minibus ride to Penang, this time a German couple were somewhat unimpressed by the drivers lack of concern for his passengers, particularly when going around corners very quickly and all of us in the back tipping over to that side of the bus.

Arrived in Georgetown (later to learn it was named this after King George I) at about 4.30 PM and checked into 'Banana' guest house in Chinatown, the same company who provided the minibus transfer.

Had a few drinks in one of the many Reggae bars situated close to the Guest house.

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