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March 23rd

Perhentian Islands (small)

sunny 31 °C

Did some snorkelling today. Didn't go too well, as I swallowed a shedload of very salty sea water and felt a bit rough for a while. Also, after swallowing the water and struggling with the gear, I sought refuge on a nearby rock.


The rocks sharp & prickly surface shredded my toe and my hands took a bit of a hit, too. Still, was interesting to swim around in the aquatic world for a bit. A little burnt, too.

Off to Penang, Georgetown tomorrow.

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March 22nd

Perhentian Islands (small)

sunny 33 °C

Another day of sunbathing today, with J trying to stay in the shade. I was beginning to get burnt, too.

Played a bit of volleyball on the beach with some Scandanavian guys and another English guy, although the teams were not stacked in our favour, they gave us their shit mate and the old English guy (nice bloke).

Ran into the cool Aussie couple we met in Tanah Rata again, who got the same bus/ferry to Perhentian as us. Found that the small Island is much more lively, there were at least a couple of beach bars on Long beach. Stumbled into one which had a woman juggling fire sticks. The English owner had made an effort as it was a friend's birthday and not long after we had arrived as the 3rd, 4th and 5th people there the bar was absolutely packed. They must have made a mint as people were buying bottles of monkey juice, vodka and cans of beer left, right and centre.

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March 21st

Perhentian Islands (Big)

sunny 33 °C

Being as the sun was out and bright in the sky, we did some sunbathing today. J really caught the sun and went quite red.

At night, we all agreed it was one of, if not the best meal so far, as we had fish from a barbecue down the beach. It wasn't the cheapest meal at 25 ringgits each, but it was well worth it. This was followed by a few cans at the restaurant next door. Booked a place at Long beach on the small Island for the next two nights.

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March 20th

Perhentian Islands (Big)

sunny 30 °C

After an eventful bus journey, which involved an old Scandanavian couple ranting at the Malaysian driver to slow down and resulted in him driving us at 40 kph for about an hour, including an extra long fag break at a service station, we finally got on the ferry. The trip across to Perhentian was about 30 mins and the water was a little choppy but not too bad.

The ferry driver dropped us off at the small Island, assuring us that it was indeed Flora bay 2, despite the big Shari La sign on the beach! We must have asked him half a dozen times - our suspicions were raised that he didn't know what was going on when he answered yes to both the questions 'Is this the big Island' and 'Is this the small Island'!

So 75 ringgits was wasted on a boat taxi over to the large Island and Flora 2. After finding alcohol very hard to come by (It is there, in two places that we knew of) We decided that we should have stayed on the small Island!! Luckily we had bought some bottles over with us, so we had these back at the chalet. There was also a short power cut of about 15 mins while we were on the chalet balcony. All in all a bit of a crap day, never mind. At least Perhentian Islands are quite beautiful, which softens the blow a little!

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March 19th

Cameron Highlands - Tanah Rata

semi-overcast 17 °C

Today we were unsure of what to do, so we bumped into JJ from Kang's (what a great guy) and he suggested we take route 1 up Mt Brinchau. It was bloody hard work on the way up and took about 2 hours to reach the summit. Proper climbing too, not just walking up a little hill that some people call climbing haha! Coming down wasn't so bad and took about 1hr 15 mins.

A quiet evening as we had a bus to catch at 8 am.

Would definitely recommend Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands to anyone. If you visit, stay at Kang's traveller's lodge, they go out of their way to be helpful and friendly.

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