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7th August

sunny 32 °C

Horrible 11 hour bus journey to Phuket again, to meet up with J who flew. Went straight out after a shower, to a few bars and 1 a go-go, then back to Magic bar. Nice to see the old faces again, especially M. Unfortunately, she was hammered again and we ended up arguing, resulting in me going home alone.

Went back the next night and made up with her, only for the next 2 nights to be less than great. What a terrible drunk she is, spilling things everywhere, flattening cockroaches on the bed, flirting with other men (joking or not). Had half a nice night with her, when we sat on the beach and drank samsong & coke (sometimes just Samsong for her) and talked. Now had another massive barney where I said some pretty bad stuff after she asked a young guy outside family mart 'hello handsome man, where you going?' as I walked around the corner waiting for her to finish at the cashpoint. Maybe she was joking, after all, she was waiting for me and he was with another woman, but it wasn't funny to me.

Called her the next day & we agreed not to argue with each other again. So far so good, although we have come close a few times, mainly due to her insistence to get hammered every night and not to go to sleep before 5 am. In fairness to her, she was very upset about not being able to spend 'Queen's day' with her son. He called her amd said he was the only boy in school with no Mum to take him in (as all of them normally do, apparently) How sad, I hope I comforted her a little bit. On the plus side, we have been having fun in a nice quiet bar called 'Moth bar' most nights, a bar M worked in for a bit before M bar.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand.

semi-overcast 29 °C

For one reason and another, the first few days I spent with N were largely spent in my room! What with a few late nights, the weather and just the fact we got on well and just chatted so comfortably to each other and before we knew it time had flown by. She asked me if I didn't like leaving the room!

We went to the Zoo and I got a couple of nice pics of her riding a horse which she said she'd never done before, although the Zoo itself was a bit shit. We also swam in the hotel pool a couple of times, the second of which involved a bit of discreet (I think) underwater sex! She was so horny all the time and as she explained, once she's had it once, becomes more horny immediatly after! We also did it outside on the small balcony being overlooked by several windows, when the rain came lashing down halfway through. Her face & arms got very wet and I asked if she wanted to go inside as it was thundering, too. She said no & later told me thunder during sex is a real turn-on for her. I couldn't argue with her, that session was pretty good.

My time with her was unfortunately dotted with moments where she would get angry at me for receiving (and sending) messages to I & M. I tried explaining that I didn't just want to cut off contact with them, although at times it was tempting as we got on so well. One time she had tears in her eyes and I broke down and cried like a baby for about 15 minutes, at first in the shower on my own and then even worse when I said sorry and tried to explain my way of thinking to her and that I had made a mistake to keep in contact with girls from the past while seeing her. She kept saying 'please finish now, I don't want to see you cry' but not in a nasty way, in a caring way.

Unfortunately I was again upset when the other girls were bought up on our last night together. I can't blame her, but it makes me so sad to think she may be sad herself. I also had a few problems performing the last few times we had sex together, I'm not totally sure why although there were several things I was worried about at the time (money problems, visa, J constantly wanting me to move on and me wanting to stay, then losing contact with him).

Her interaction with her friends and elders is also a giveaway to her character. She is very affectionate with friends as well as me and they sometimes had to peel her off them because she liked to hug them so much! Also, she explained to me about her espect for elders etc and how it's polite to say 'ka, ka' instead of just 'er' all the time. She also had a couple of phrases that she always said to me - monkey-ow meaning 'I want to kiss you' and Hom for 'you smell good'. She did love to smell my armpits!!! Oh and she gave me the Thai nickname 'Yong', because of my curly hair.

I think that sex and culture obviously excluded, we are very similar in many ways and have similar values. I hope I can see her again if she wants to see me again also. I think the time spent with her is the happiest I've been in my travels so far. What a sexy & special lady.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

20th July

rain 31 °C

Doing this from memory after 2 weeks!

Last 2 weeks have been pretty amazing. Chiang Mai started off as usual, me and J getting drunk and doing the usual tourist bits, tiger village, performing monkey shows etc. (found a bit cruel)

Then after he'd taken home the second girl in Chiang Mai and me the first, who'm I asked politely to leave after being asked for a lot of money, I went out to eat alone as I thought he'd still be asleep. He joined me, but while I sat alone I decided to get my back waxed for the first time haha!

This is where the fun started. The lady who does the waxing in the shop I went into was very frienly and fun. We got talking with her asking the usual stuff, where are you from? What's your name? She said she thought I was from Israel or LEBANON! What a random country to pull out. Must have been my excessive hairiness. Anyway, we got on really well and she was quite flirty, asking what hotel and room number, then saying she will come by later. I responded by saying 'you can knock on my door any time, number 411'.

I later found out her friend was asking her to hurry up, but she said whilst waxing me that she was taking her time because she didn't want me to leave. Then, after finishing, she asked if I'd like an oil massage. I declined at first but whilst paying thought better of it and went for it. She kept asking during the massage if I was shy or scared of her. So, to prove a point I asked if she minded if I removed the towel. She shrugged and said 'no', so off it came.

Later during the massage, she explained to me that she liked guys who were at least a little bit shy of her, so I took that as a hint and put the towel back on! After the lovely massage, she asked if I wanted to meet her after she finished at 9 p.m. I said 'of course'. Still not sure if she was a 'massage' lady after some extra income, what with this being Thailand and all. So after telling J I was going to meet her later (and him deciding to come along too), I met her outside her work place and she took us to a reggae bar she likes to go to. We continued to get on really well, although it was awkward trying to keep J happy too, as we were flirting quite a lot!

He left soon after and we continued, with her putting her leg on mine and then me kissing her. She was a good kisser. I asked if she would like another drink, but after 2 red wines she appeared a little tipsy and confirmed this when saying 'I'm drunk a little bit'. So I asked if she'd like to come back to the Royal Guest House where I was staying, to which she replied 'yes'. Upon getting back to the room, we chatted more and had sex. It was great, as she is hot and also it had been a while! She stayed the night and decided not to go to work the next day!

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rain 31 °C

Back to Vientiane for a few days, before heading back to Thailand. It really is a lovely capital, more civilised driving than all the others and such a slow pace of life. The people are so friendly, too.

Went to Wat Sisaket and found it quite disappointing, but that was to be expected really after all the places we've been to so far! It was very run-down and quite small in size. Also went up Vientiane's 'Arc de Triomphe' which was quite cool. Got a great view of the city from up there.

Unfortunately, card still hasn't arrived and the rash is still present. Also, we missed applying for a 30-day Thai visa at the consulate by 5 minutes, which was extremely frustrating. Oh well, another visa run it is.

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Vang Vieng


sunny 32 °C

We checked into the nearest guest house, as we were knackered and only had 1 hour before the world cup final was due to start. It was awful. The bed was rock solid, there was a big pool of water at the end of one bed, dirty, there was no sink. Needless to say, after watching Spain's successful diving performance, we woke up today and checked into another guest house. Seems VERY touristy (English as usual) here.

Woke up really late as we were still knackered. Decided to leave tubing until the day after. Saw guy we'd bumped into a lot, sold us his & mates rings for knockdown 20,000 (tight-fisted Geordie could have given us them!). What great fun, floating down the river getting roped into bars and drinking or playing mud volleyball, tug-o-war or riding the zip-line and swinging on the trapeze thing. Amazing!

Suffering big-time after 3 days in 4 tubing. My neck is really hurting and back isn't too clever either. J has a few injuries too, like very scabby/infected knees from the tug-o-war.

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