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semi-overcast 33 °C

To the very last leg of my tour. How sad! Tried to find somewhere on Khaosan Road to stay, but they were all asking for extra for a Thai person to stay with me, so being as M is coming later and I found this totally unnacceptable, I went to Soi Nana to find somewhere. Now staying at the 'White Orchid' just off the main street.

Slept an extraordinary amount of time yesterday and subsequently didn't go out in the evening! Will have to go out for a bit tonight as M has made the effort to come and see me one more time. Done a bit of tat shopping for myself and Dad and Brothers back home. Still can't believe I'm going home.

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Hua Hin

5th August

sunny 34 °C

Came back to Hua Hin and was good to see all the ladies from the restaurant again (especially D) and L & T. Few more nights of karaoke, including for A's birthday where I was in a bad mood for some reason - probably part jealous, part guilt.

R who A is staying with is a cool guy. Keeps asking A if she likes to eat Morning glory or Prik yai! They've cottoned on to him now though, actually I think he told them what they both mean to an English person!

Loved spending time with D. Yet another really cool Thai girl, I'm sad I won't see her again (at least not for a good while). Came to me for a nice chilled afternoon at Sukwilai where we just stayed by the pool, chatted and had a few Leo's together. They do know how to drink!

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Siem Reap

28th August

all seasons in one day 34 °C

Had a great chat with 2 Irish guys on the way here, Maurice and Donal. Met up with them later, in KF restaurant.

Great to see I again in there and boy does she look hot! Think by the look on her face it was a suprise for me to arrive a day earlier than I had said! Had some fun nights with her and a lot of great sex, but the problems once again started with her confusing refusal to ever seem to want to go home & stop partying. After 2 nights of a lot of alcohol and being late to bed (7 & 10!) I called it a day at 6.15 am in X-bar, only for her to decide she hadn't yet had enogh and stay behind (despite them also having stopped serving). An argument ensued (again) when she came back to the room an I woke up. We just seem to drink & sleep. Unfortunately as it's high season or verging on it, it's a no-go for her to ask for time off work.

It's also hard to fathom her behaviour. One minute she's asking me if I want a baby with her and that she's waiting for me to ask her to marry me. The next she's flirting with one of the many, many guys in Siem Reap who would love to get with her. My feelings are that it's not going to be easy for the guy who does settle with her to accept this. There have been occasions where we've sat together in a bar and she can point out 4 or more guys who have previously propositioned her!

Having said all this, she is a very clever girl, good fun, amazingly hot and great sex - all of which is why i came back here.

Met a nice Khmer - Australian couple A and D and ate at their restaurant a few times. Also, we met up with them and had fun in temple bar and X-bar.

She has been sick the last few days, so I have been fetching medicine, food etc while she rests, bless her!

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Hua Hin

18th August

sunny 33 °C

Met up with T and his friend L. He seems like a great guy. T was trying very hard to chat-up a gorgeous half Thai Half European girl in the bar I joined them in. I left after 4 drinks as am still not feeling 100%.

Went doctors today as the rash that began on my hands has spread to almost everywhere on my body. Became concerned when the Doc wanted a blood test. Then more concerned when eating, waiting for the results, I looked at my hands and the rash/patchiness on my hands looked horrendous, began to wonder if I had a blood problem. Thankfully, the doctor told me that from the blood test I have Dengue fever, but should make a full recovery soon. Hope so, I'd heard bad things about it before!

Meeting up with T, L and some of T's old friends from when he lived here before tonight at some do. Ended up being tired/drun fairly quickly, maybe still suffering from the dengue.

Met a great girl, D. Spent time with her & twin sister who was lovely also. She really is very nice, has a great heart and very sexy, especially when she dresses up which she doesn't always like to do! But I still can't bloody beat her at table-tennis or ping-pong as Thais call it! Her friends from the reastaurant are cool also, and she is pretty good in the sack. Had good night with everyone in Lutnam? and also some good laughs with them and T & L too in karaoke.

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sunny 31 °C

Back to Ranong for ANOTHER visa run. Bugger, too late to do it today as just got here at 4.10 p.m and have been told the crossing closes at 4 p.m, so that's 5oo baht I'll be shelling out tomorrow for a 1 day overstay.

What a nightmare trying to get a bus to Hua Hin from Ranong. The lady at Kiwi Orchid said because Ranong is Thailand's smallest province and it's low season there weren't many. I missed the first one going to Bangkok, as some taxi man told me it wasn't the right one. So after waiting 2 hours for the next one to come, the same thing happened again! I put my hand out, which the driver didn't appear to see, so as I was about to set off and ask him to wait for me as he's stopped at some nearby traffic lights, a Thai man told me that no, this wasn;t the bus I needed. God knows why I listened, as I was then forced to wait another hour before boarding a bus bound for Chumpon, just from deperation to get out of Ranong!

Having been told there would be more buses going north from Chumpon than there was from Ranong, I found that again I couldn't travel straight to Hua Hin, but was assured that Pranburi nearby would have buses I could take to get there. So, as I was ushered off the bus in the middle of nowhere, I asked the bus driver's assisstant where I could get a bus to Hua Hin from. He waved his hand down the street and nodded. So I started walking. It became apparent that there was nowhere I could get a bus from. It was then that I started to need the toilet badly. I rushed into one of the 'open-style' Thai eating venues and asked for the toilet, offering to pay 20 baht (very desperate now) but was told no money was necessary. Squat toilet. One of the nastier number 2's I've had in the last 5 months - and no toilet paper. So some water swilling and bare hand had to suffice. At least they had soap so I could wash my hands afterwards.

Realising that I was in the shit, I asked the man who had kindly loaned me his toilet if there was anyway I could get a bus to Hua Hin, he spoke a little English and seemed to understand so I was horrified when he said 'no'. He recognised the look of horror on my face and asked me to sit down on one of the tables outside on the path, but not before telling me that his friend, who was eating there, would take me after he'd finished eating. Relieved I gratefully waited and the man bought over some fruit and a glass of water with ice in. Finally, I was feeling like I was truly experiencing some of the legendary Thai hospitality I'd heard so much about, but which is sometimes lacking in the 'ultra-touristy' spots I've often found myself in. Probably not a coincidence that I found it here. His friend took me to Hua Hin on the back of his car/truck with two other inside. What a ride, I felt like a new man! I didn't care whether they were going to Hua Hin or not anyway, as they had helped me enormously and having reached Hua Hin, wouldn't take any of the money I offered. He even enquired (in Thai) as to whether I had a hotel (I think!).What a fantastic and totally unexpected experience, such a small thing but maybe me being English, don't expect favours from people for nothing in return. I won't forget it, even though I'll never see them again.

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